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By a Unanimous Decision The Verdict is, Bullies Don’t Make Great Leaders


Childhood memories are great aren’t they? We can visualize all the good, bad and ugly that took place there. For me, I look back on that thing now with no regret where at one time I wished that I could just take the pain away. There is a world of hurt out here, and where ever we are in life and whatever we do we need to consider right now that bullies just don’t make great leaders. Never have never will.


I can still remember the second grade, I was bad always into something as soon as I hit that school ground. I know some of you here remember S. S. Dillow and Mrs. Jenkins (Smile). I don’t know, something in me even then a leading edge and I wasn’t a child that was going to be in a clique that I had to follow I guess it was just that way for me. It all started when we would go out to recess and the teacher would call on me to lead the line, and for some reason it became that way everyday. I would make sure that line was straight, that they didn’t talk and that all was right. I wasn’t a bad leader; there is a difference in a bully and a leader.


A leader gives of himself to make sure everyone wins, a bully takes until no one wants to gives.


Apparently, there are always those who want to overthrow a good leader. They have their reasons, and even as children we can see that they have their cliques; and so it was on this occasion. Some people are just called out to be picked on, so that we see that it doesn’t have to be anything happening or there can be plenty happening. No matter there is someone who is going to be picked, except, when someone wants to overthrow someone they don’t come alone. They come with others to confront, to threaten and to put fear in someone. In this case there were two girls who were classmates and who until that day had stood in the line and were doing good like everyone else; however, this time they would not do as they were told. If I stood in front of them to give an instruction then they just stood there. I had not had a fight then so frankly, this was something new. No one had ever been rebellious before and while I was talking to one girl another came up to me and they both said pretty plainly that they were not doing what I said anymore and that they were the leaders. I looked at the teacher and she was talking but had looked back at us; however, she didn’t say anything.(they had that spot until we were promoted to another grade). My feelings for her changed too, and I have to tell you I became a loner after that.


I felt humiliated, embarrassed, and although I don’t remember anyone laughing or teasing I felt no one really liked me after that. They liked those girls and they became popular, while I became nobody. It was pretty bad after that because that’s when the fights started because no one likes to be pushed and shoved everyday. it makes it hard to learn for children, sometimes I don’t know how I made it through that. I never started any fights, except one and on the advice of my daddy during a spanking I never started one again. His words to me were “Don’t start any fights, but if they hit you beat their____(I’ll let you finish). Well, that was the beginning of a whole lot of fights, seems like everyone wanted to fight. The neighbors, people I thought were my friends, people at other schools, even had a teacher to man handle me. I wonder if he had a daughter, because that seed must be a weed by now.


Even though bullies don’t make great leaders, we must remember that little bullies grow up. I’m sure those girls that liked to fight me, some are good women now; however, what about the others and what about guys who were bullies who try to lead the women today?  Are they bullies still?


Let’s talk about this, lets reason who can be a bully. Who would fit that description?


Types of bullies:


  • Kidnappers (Slave Masters)
  • Children and grand children of Slave Masters (Individuals, groups)
  • Men who fight women
  • Women who fight
  • Gangs (including street, KKK, Hate Groups)
  • Government (Individuals, and entities, Military)
  • Religious Leaders (individual, Christian, Cults)
  • Parents (Individual)
  • Step Parents (Cinderella, Men and Women)
  • Abused Children

The list is never ending…it can go on. Definitely a good point in deciding whether bullies are fit to lead, because it is disturbing how someone might have it in their minds how people can just get over it…no we see bullying happening over and over again…starts when we are children and on into adulthood.The end result bullies just don’t make good leaders and if we think otherwise, think again’


The verdict is in. Praying for all ears to hear.


For information on Bullying: Click Here

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