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Yo Scapegoat Ain’t Me

Yo Scapegoat Ain’t Me

Being a scapegoat takes no one by surprise

Open my eyes to all them knives trying to hide

Mama can’t feel me

Daddy cold too

My nest bout to crumble and

Nowhere to turn to

Everybody’s scapegoat make

Em’ feel good inside

Mama can’t stand you

Daddy’s hurt pride

Wander the world

My life through

Can’t get attention

‘cept when acting a fool

Goody goody’s coming

Changing your tune

Being filled with promise

Ain’t no blinders soon

Everybody’s scapegoat has

Escaped and set Free

Ain’t no one to blame

This time

Cause yo scapegoat

Ain’t me

©Copyright, 2012. Letters of Hope Ministry. Kayla Dailey (2012). All Rights Reserved.

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