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God Wants Specific Prayer

Christians praying in Goma, DR of Congo.

Christians praying in Goma, DR of Congo. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Why is it that we’re having such a hard time making our requests known to God, Huh? This matter has come up that some of us are going to God with these one word, stilted and stuttering, monotonic prayers. But yet proclaiming that we are righteous, love him, and have the appearance of a great relationship with Him.

For all purposes I’m speaking to some of our so called seasoned saints, not the babies. This isn’t a pleasant subject, doesn’t look good for some of us…doesn’t sound good and certainly doesn’t feel good to hear. But it’s got to be said because  God doesn’t want us to be fidgety, and acting like we don’t know what to say to him.

Some of us will declare all out war if we need a speed bump on the street we live on. We WILL NOT just walk up to our neighbor and say, “here sign this,” and expect them to act. No we will walk up to them and explain the need of the speed bump, tell them why and how we can make this go forth, and also request their signature. Why then if we can go into detail with the neighbor we see from time to time can’t we go to God with specifics of our needs?

I have this image of God yawning with some of our prayers…wow! Is He pleased or bored?

God says, “The prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective.”

(James 5:16)

Then if our prayers are effective and powerful,why don’t we see it? Is it because we’ve gone to God with a one word prayer?


Let us pray:

Father we thank you that your word has gone forth, that you want to answer the prayers of everyone who comes to you. We don’t want to use the excuse that you know our needs but come to you with specifics, and details, with conversation and details about our day, our problems, and requests for others. We want to be open and honest about all things. We thank you God that now we will walk in new freedom because of these prayers…we thank you God for making a way for us…In Jesus name…Amen

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