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Someone Suitable

People think that our soul mate is someone who likes what we like, does what we do, or even thinks like us, and although this might be truth to an extent no one is so compatible that they are like twins until they have the mind of Christ. I have to be honest when I got married I thought that this man who God sent and this married that God ordained meant that we would live this fairy tale like existence and live happily ever after. I must confess that my husband and I lived together about 5 years before we got married living a sinful lifestyle of fornication, drinking, drugging, clubbing and some people at the club thought that we made a good couple; we were proud of that. We stopped that life started going back to church trying to live a life as pleasing to God as best we can cleaning up our act. Since that time with both of us saved I have wanted to walk out and many times…call this thing quits. He says “we can work this out”…he is right.

But when I think of the word that says, “The LORD God said, “It is not good for the human to be alone. I will make a helper suitable for him.” . . . but for the human no suitable helper was found. (Genesis 2:18 & 20)
I like what this says “human” not good for the “human” to be alone. Hence, I see that if he is human he has problems, wants, fears, prone to sin just like I am.

So when I think about being “suitable I think for him” I was thinking that I could continue on in the thinking that I was perfect for him. I am not perfect for him, but I am being perfected for the task of becoming better because of him. Let me explain, I was thinking that since he and I were so compatible that we were a good fit, but it is those things that we are different that we disagree with that make me suitable. I have to continuously pray and cry out for help, learning to pray for him. A woman who doesn’t love her husband doesn’t encourage him to become better, she will not go out of her way to care for his needs, or even care that he learns the truth. So yes, the woman God chooses is indeed suitable, maybe not compatible because your man might not see eye to eye with you yet.

Being that we may not see eye to eye yet…is where God works. Because of the sin in the garden men might not trust like he should, might not trust our judgement. Who could blame him…him being a man of greatness, God’s man and given what happened in the garden and the woman passing food that tainted his life…who could trust? But God has given us a second chance for our men to see God through us….that requires change. It’s not easy…

We talk about men and how they dog us, nothing nice being said. It is no wonder then that they act like we expect…look what we’ve spoken over them. Amen.

Today I try to do better. It is not the case that I live by the world’s standard of what a wife is. Too many women are buying their men and wonder how he got away. Let him be a man…he has dominion.

God bless every married couple today who is hanging in there. Stay in his presence.

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