Be not the slave of your own past. Plunge into the sublime seas, dive deep and swim far, so you shall come back with self-respect, with new power, with an advanced experience that shall explain and overlook the old. Ralph Waldo Emerson

This blog is to share my walk. It is not that my life is so interesting, but I had this bright idea that someone out there might need help. I need it and because help has been sparse for me in my life I see when I share what I go through then maybe someone can use that.

I learned that there are many ways to help people. We can get in there with them and try to help, but what I found is that unless the individual really wants out of that thing then chances are you will be doing all the work and you will be the one drained. I believe those who helped me,  or rather, those who were helping me can attest that.

Conversely, it will take a strong person, a committed person to lend a hand to someone going through whatever it is they go through, and it is noted that some issues people face take much time and  much patience to work through. I also found that you can’t be a wimp doing this thing and you can’t be a quitter.

Initially, when I began “helping” or when I became “aware” that I wanted to help people I wanted to do so in the arena of substance abuse, however it took a couple of years to come to the realization that counseling although a noble thought took more than I would be able to give. I am not against giving or helping or counseling in that particular setting, but I have yet to see someone accept help that was forced, shoved or pushed on them. I see that in my case and many like me it took a drastic life event to get my attention– so it is that when we are at the end of our rope and when we have no where else to turn that we call on a Name other than our own. This is where I come in to introduce them to Yahusha who in turn leads them to Yahuah who is more powerful than they can ever know themselves to be.

I know no other way to get that done than through my gift of writing– my passion. Today is a glorious time to know Him. I admonish all who have never given themselves over to His care to seek Him.

Trust in Him, He’s the answer.

More than a conqueror,


Just doing me…

  1. I enjoyed the read and the short movie. You really are an excellent writer.

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