More Institutional Church Propaganda And Lies Deconstructed – Sin Explained Properly In Accordance With The Scriptures!

Exposing Corruption Under Every Rock


Crumbling Church

One thing about the institutional church beast infrastructure that really ticks me off is the way that it makes its members feel condemned and hopeless when they make a mistake and slip up. The church beast infrastructure as I have stated before on numerous occasions deliberately keeps its members in place and in check through fear. This makes no difference with regards to what type of institutional church branch you attend, Methodist, Anglican, Catholic, Potestant, Pentecostal, Baptist, Apostolic, Seventh Day Adventist, Johovah´s Witness, Evangelical etc, no matter what the flavour of the church beast branch the techniques used to keep the members under control and in line are always the same and the most commonly used technique utilised by all of these bank branches is FEAR. The term ¨paralysed with fear” comes to mind when dealing directly with the church beast system, folks are literally bashed into line…

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About Kay Dailey

The Dailey Grind Kayla Dailey, is a prolific writer whose aspirations include hope of encouraging those who face trials and difficulties in life through the written word. As a student of the word she writes, Kayla has earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Journalism and Mass Communication from Ashford University and holds a Master of Arts Degree in Organizational Management with concentration in Public Administration. Mrs. Dailey is an advocate for civic and community building issues, African American liberties, equal employment; as well as, advocacy against domestic violence for women, children, abortion and other issues people face.

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