Genesis 1: 31

“God saw all that he had made, and it was very good.
And there was evening, and there was morning—the sixth day.”

Good…the world can’t understand the goodness of God–He is Good,

There are some who will say and who claim, “why if God is so Good would he allow such bad things to happen to us?” This is the question too that even some believers face as well, “God took my child, God is punishing me, Why me, I’m doing all I can to serve you God but still I have trouble!”

definition of Good:

1. of high quality: of a high quality or standard, either on an absolute scale or in relation to another or others

2. suitable: having the appropriate qualities to be something or to fit a purpose

3. skilled: possessing the necessary skill or talent to do something

4. virtuous: having or showing an upright and virtuous character

5. affording pleasure: affording pleasure or comfort

6. undamaged: having undergone no deterioration or damage

7. ample: sufficiently large, or providing more than enough of something

8. honorable: worthy of honor or high esteem

9. valid: acceptable as true or genuine and sufficient for the purpose

10. helpful: helping somebody to organize thoughts or make decisions

there’s more but we can see that when God made us and the world we live in he made it right and liveable, and peaceful and there was no sorrow…amen. Man was to rule and his wife was to help, there was nothing evil about it…until the fall.

Man was good? Yes man was good, and had good in him because he had God’s spirit…his breathe of life…God is Good and there is no presence of evil concerning him. So when I see that God is Good and that he made me good I can see that even though I have a hindrance which is sin…I am good because God said it about me. He said, “It is Good!” He says, “My daughter Kayla, I made of high quality, she is suitable for the purpose by which I made her to do, for my pleasure and my glory. She is skilled for I have gifted her with those gifts and that she will use to bring forth admonishment and praise to my name, she is a woman of virtue, and as my woman she is honest and has integrity. I made her for my good pleasure to bring praise to my name. She is perfect in my sight, honorable and worthy and you Oh Man of God are to love her as I love her; for I made her to help you. She is to be validated, appreciated, and kept close to your bosom for she is flesh of your flesh and bone of your bones….amen!!!

This is an awesome picture of God’s goodness towards you Oh man/ woman of God…never allow the enemy to tell you different. No matter what your situation or circumstance looks like; you were created from the GOODNESS OF THE FATHER. AMEN. He loves you more than you can ever imagine!!!

About Kay Dailey

The Dailey Grind Kayla Dailey, is a prolific writer whose aspirations include hope of encouraging those who face trials and difficulties in life through the written word. As a student of the word she writes, Kayla has earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Journalism and Mass Communication from Ashford University and holds a Master of Arts Degree in Organizational Management with concentration in Public Administration. Mrs. Dailey is an advocate for civic and community building issues, African American liberties, equal employment; as well as, advocacy against domestic violence for women, children, abortion and other issues people face.

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